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The first International Modelica Conference took place in October 2000 in Lund, Sweden. Since then, Modelica has increasingly become the preferred language for physical modelling of complex systems, as this 7th edition of the Conference demonstrates. The number of presented papers, 83 regular and 22 posters, has significantly increased compared to the previous Conference, as well as the number of Modelica-enabled tools being presented, which has reached the record number of nine. The keynote talks about the ITEA2 Modelica-related European projects also prove how Modelica is entering mainstream industry usage in system design. The Conference is a key opportunity for all players in the Modelica community (language designers, tool developers, library designers, and end users) to meet and share their ideas and experience, thus promoting further development of the language and of its applications.

The 7th International Modelica Conference was organized by Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and by the Modelica Association. I would like to thank the local organizing committee for the excellent job and the technical programme committee and the programme board for offering their time and expertise in reviewing the papers.

Together with the local organizing committee, we wish all the participants a pleasant stay in Como and an excellent and fruitful conference.

Cremona, September 8, 2009
Francesco Casella